Robotics Meeting 2/8/2020

Robotics Meeting 2/8/2020


Today we mainly focused on measuring and cutting the metal we needed to length. With the robot we are making, there were a lot of pieces we needed to cut, so this took us most of the day, however it was worth it since the time was used to ensure we were measuring accurately and that we were following the proper safety with the cutting tools we were using. 


  1. Measured all of the metal necessary for our robot. 
  2. Cut all of the necessary metal to length.
  3. Purchased remaining parts at Home Depot. 
  4. Added support to our chassis.

Goals For Next Meeting:

  1. Find any missing parts for the robot that our hindering our building ability. 
  2. Start building the structure and intake of our robot. 
  3. Work on programming the remote control for the driver controlled period.