Coaches and Mentors

Lead Coach - Vanessa Coronado

Mrs. Coronado is our Engineering teacher at Tomball Memorial and one of our lead coaches for the robotics program. She graduated from Texas A&M University and has been teaching at Tomball Memorial since the school opened. She specialized in technical engineering aspects for FRC. She enjoys all things engineering and electronic related.

Lead Coach - David Monroe

Mr. Monroe is our Computer Science teacher at Tomball Memorial and one of our lead coaches for the robotics program. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a Masters in 3D Modeling and Animation and has been teaching for 9 years at TMHS. He enjoys all things programming and circuitry related.

Mentor - Mark Smith

Mr. Smith graduated from Texas A&M University for his B.S. and went on to get a masters in Systems Engineering NC State University. He has more than 30 years experience in numerous systems engineering and analytics leadership positions starting with Compaq Computer Corp. in 1988 before moving to the power industry (NRG/Reliant) in 2002 working in product innovation and data analytics/data science leadership roles. Also, he was formerly the head mentor of VorTX FRC 3735 from 2013-19. He moved to Vector in 2019 to help start our FRC team and booster club. Mr. Smith has interests in leadership development, sponsorships, analytics, and strategy. He hopes to continue adding to his FIRST knowledge in coming seasons.

60 Current Students:

(25) Engineering Team

(12) Veterans: LyricB, JacksonB, ConnorC, ColeC, MarcoC, IsaacC, AaronF, JessicaJ, MatthanK, LuisL, KyleM, NoahP
(13) Rookies: AyowunmiA, MirandaRB, ChristianJ, FrancoisK, StevenL, GiselleLG, PrestonM, RaniaM, EthanP, JonahS, DanV, JaydenW

(16) Programming Team

(5) Veterans: ZaraB, AnirudhK, MasonLM, IshaanM, MasonW
(11) Rookies:
YuriA, MiaRB, RyanC, PeytonG, JackH, NicolasL, ShantanuP, KyleS, TalhaS, PeterT, DylanT

(9) Media Team

(4) Veterans: PeterH, DanielH, KennethN, RileyM
(5) Rookies: JessicaH, CaiJ, TaraL, ScoutM, MadelineM

(10) Business/Outreach Team

(4) Veterans: JacobW, SabrinaM, KrithikaS, BenV
(6) Rookies: BrandonC, BhargavM, NatalieN, VivianN, FranklinR, JabariW