Coaches, Mentors, & Boosters

Lead Coach - Vanessa Coronado

Mrs. Coronado has been teaching for 20 years, coaching FRC for 5 years. She enjoys running, skiing, working on her car, storm chasing, and all things nerdy. Mrs. Coronado is very passionate about STEM education, and promoting equity in STEM participation. FIRST robotics is a perfect blend of challenging, engaging, rewarding, STEM experiences for all students.

Lead Coach - David Monroe

Mr. Monroe is our Computer Science teacher at Tomball Memorial and one of our lead coaches for the robotics program. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a Masters in 3D Modeling and Animation and has been teaching for 9 years at TMHS. He enjoys all things programming and circuitry related.

Lead Coach - Rachel Moisiuc

Mrs. Moisiuc is our engineering science teacher at Tomball Memorial and coach for our robotics program. She graduated from the university of Houston with a masters in Psychology and Social Sciences. She enjoys all things engineering and design related.

Mentor - Tom Cegielski

Mr. Cegielski has worked for Alfa Laval for 34 years as a technology support engineer managing service operations and has been mentoring for 2 years.

Mentor - Lalit Karlapalem

Mr. Karlapalem graduated from the University of Texas Austin with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked for NOV for 17 years. This is his first year mentoring our team.

Mentor - Kim Caudle

Mrs. Caudle has been involved with vector and our booster since its inception in 2019. As current president, she is passionate about the team, working behind the scenes and attending every competition. As a former english teacher, she has a deep love of books, good grammar, and TV shows with subtitles.

Booster - Debbie Chi

Mrs. Chi has been involved with vector and our food coordinator since its inception in 2019.  She is a mom of two, a beagle, and an ex-librarian as well as the COO of her home. It makes her very happy to see the team enjoying a meal together.

Booster - Laura Patterson

Mrs. Patterson graduated from Texas Christian University, and currently works as a small business owner of HL Creative for advertising and graphic design. She has been a booster Secretary for 2 years and joined to support her son. Her favorite hobby is visiting all the National Parks in country.

2024 Vector Team Members (51 Students):
(Blue highlight means that student is a Senior)

  • (22) Engineering Team
    • (12) Veterans: Connor C, Jackson B, Cole C, Marco C, Isaac C, Aaron F, Jessica J, Matthan K, Luis L, Sabrina M, Kyle M, Noah P
    • (10) Rookies: Ayowunmi A, Christian J, Giselle LG, Vivian N, Preston M, Rania M, Ethan P, Miranda RB, Dan V, Jayden W
  • (19) Programming Team
    • (5) Veterans: Zara B, Anirudh K, Mason LM, Ishaan M, Mason W
    • (14) Rookies: Yuri A, Ryan C, Peyton G, Jack H, Aaryan K, Yuvan K, Francois K, Nicolas L, Shantanu P, Mia RB, Jonah S, Kyle S, Talha S, Peter T
  • (7) Media/Scouting Team
    • (4) Veterans: Peter H, Daniel H, Riley M, Kenneth N
    • (3) Rookies: Steven L, Scout M, Madeline M
  • (3) Business/Outreach Team
    • (3) Rookies: Bhargav M, Franklin R, Jabari W