About Us

Team History

Team 8177 Vector was founded in the fall of 2019 and first began competing during the 2020 FRC season. The team started with only 15-20 members, 3 mentors, and 1 sponsor, the Young Sheldon Grant, but we were able to win the Rookie All-Star award before the season was shut down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. During the online challenges of the 2021 season, 8177 won the Rookie Design Award and the Rookie Game Changer Award. Starting with the 2022 season, the team size grew to over 40 active members each year, and the team

Team Structure

Our team is divided into four main teams: mechanical, programming, media, and business. As our organization grew, we split our mechanical team into 3 subteams: electrical, fabrication, and CAD design. Splitting tasks among specialized teams allows us to work on our robot more efficiently. Each major subteam has its own important role in ensuring that our team runs smoothly. At competitions, we have an additional subteam called the Minions that scout for other robots and are essential during alliance selection. Additionally, they help other teams fix problems that may arise with their own robots. Next, we have leads who are made up of our team’s veterans. The leads are the most experienced in their respective subteam and are responsible for teaching rookies everything about the subteam. The veterans assist the leads with managing the subteam and teaching rookies. Rookies are the team’s newest members and learn everything from the leads, veterans, and mentors.