Robotics Meeting 1/26/2020

Robotics Meeting 1/26/2020

Today during this meeting, we build the base of our chassis. We build the frame, and we added the wheels, the conveyor between the wheels, and the gearboxes. After weeks of planning what we would build, this was the first major day of FRC building. This was also the first weekend building day for our club, so it started us in the direction of Saturday and Sunday build days. 



1. Started our chassis using the kit of parts. 

2. Attached the wheels to the chassis

3. Build the outer frame outside of the wheels, and the conveyor connecting the center wheel on each side to the other wheels on that side.

4. Attached the gearboxes and then the motors to the wheels.

 5. Our programmers got to work on the programming using a chassis we had build in the past.

6. We also finalized the design for our logo.


Goals For Next Meeting:

1. Finish the remaining parts on the chassis.

2. Finish research for what final parts to order, and go through parts once we get them.

3. Figure out a plan for how to build the rest of the robot once the majority of the parts come in.











Our finalized logo