Robotics Meeting 01/23/2020

Robotics Meeting 01/23/2020

During today’s robotics meeting, we split into two groups with one working on finishing our FTC robot and another starting the construction of our FRC robot. For FTC, we were able to fix a few problems the robot had yesterday that we discovered while test driving it. One of our engineers also worked on improving the design for side driving. On the FRC side of things, we started and finished assembling the wheels and also created the gearboxes. Aakarsh and Braden were also able to make the battery holder. 


1. FTC improvements with side-driving

2. FRC wheels and gearboxes complete

3. FRC battery holder finished

4. Organized who plans on going to Greenville FRC Competition


Goals For Next Meeting:

1. Plan on getting metal chassis pieces cut to length

2. Organize and sort all FRC parts

3. Finish side-driving for FTC